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Pre / Postnatal Reformer Pilates In Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Prenatal exercises within our classes focus on core stability, strength and overall fitness. They help the clients cope with the changes they're undergoing and prepare for the stresses to come in later stages of pregnancy and eventually birth.

Prenatal classes/modifications are structured around the changing requirements of a developing pregnancy to provide an effective workout from first trimester through to full term.

By training the muscles to activate functionally, clients may be able to cope more easily with the rigours of labour and childbirth, and the demands of the upcoming postnatal months. These classes can help boost clients immune systems and circulations, and increase energy levels needed at this time.

Postnatal classes are structured to help strengthen muscles that have been put under strain during pregnancy and help clients regain their strength, physique and confidence. Multiple studies from both BCOG and ACOG have shown that mothers who partake in structured, safe exercising of the major muscle groups involved in pregnancy can expect to experience shorter labours and reduced lower back and pelvic pain.

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Pre / Postnatal Pilates Reformer Pilates In Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

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