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Meet a few of our Graduates

Ann Reck

Ann Reck Graduate At Body Bliss Yoga In Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

My journey with yoga began in 2006 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada when a friend suggested we start to improve our lives with Saturday yoga classes during a particularly snowy January. It was a journey that has only grown deeper and deeper for me as I realise the extent to which yoga has become an integral part of my life. I continued my physical practice during all aspects of life – during the good, the bad, before childbirth and after, when I felt at my fittest, and when I felt at my lowest - and gradually, through this process discovered that yoga was absolutely integral to my sense of well-being, strength, youth and confidence.

In 2015, when particularly dissatisfied with a job I was working at, I decided to take the 12-week Philosophy of Yoga course offered then at Body Bliss. As I deepened my understanding of the cultural, historical, and philosophical roots of yoga, combined with the significance of pranayama, the physical aspect of asana suddenly all made sense to me. And I decided I wanted to go further still, become a teacher, and share that passion and sense of exploration with others.

From 2015-2016, I completed the Level 3 YMCA Yoga teacher course through Body Bliss. It was an excellent course – well-organized, with a focus on safety and independent learning – that allowed me to deepen and structure my own teaching practice. Upon completion of the course, I began to gradually take on more and more cover opportunities and then was able to branch out and teach my own classes.

I have had the absolute honour of teaching several classes at Body Bliss, namely: the Hot 26 (Bikram-style class), a powerful Hot Yoga with weights class on Friday mornings, a Saturday 8:00 am early class (my own style – inspired by Ashtanga yoga and elements of the American Rocket yoga), and the wonderful Sunday morning 9:00 hot class - a mixed-ability jam that aims to incorporate many elements of dynamic standing postures, twists, various sun-salutations, back-bends and core work. I have also had the privilege at teaching yoga classes at ABC Fitness Gym and Rayleigh Leisure Centre, at Appleton School as part of staff wellness, and some private classes. I have also worked as a tutor for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 cohorts of the YMCA Body Bliss yoga teacher training programme.

With every class, and every yogic experience, my confidence has grown and grown. I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have found Body Bliss Hot Yoga Studio – where I met with and worked with Tracey Bailey, whom I consider to be a teacher, a mentor and a friend.

As I write this, I am also preparing to relocate my family to Canada to be closer to my parents – and where I intend to become an entrepreneur and ultimately launch the AnnReckYoga lifestyle brand that will specialise in retreats, recycled products, yoga and kindness. While the new adventure is exciting, I do not hesitate to say that I will greatly miss the wonderful, unique and inspiring yogis at Body Bliss. The journey continues.

Karen Paul

Karen Paul Graduate At Body Bliss Yoga In Leigh-on-Sea, Essex


My Pilates training at Body Bliss Studio provided me with the opportunity to build my own part time Pilates business “Posh Pilates “.

This is in addition to providing both permanent classes and relief cover classes in the South East and South West of Essex in corporate gyms.

I completed additional training in “Use of Small Equipment” and “Pre /PostNatal Pilates” so that this enables me to provide a good variety, range and mix of classes.

Level 3 training provided me with a great source of knowledge and expertise to be able to provide very high quality classes.

My priority is always for clients and members to maximise the benefit from their efforts and commitment in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

I would thoroughly recommend Tracey and her team to help you on your Pilates journey.

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall Graduate At Body Bliss Yoga In Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Yoga at the Thames

I completed the YMCA Hatha 500 YTT at Bodybliss yoga centre last year (2018) it was truly a worthwhile journey of learning and self exploration. Tracey and her teaching team were all nurturing and supportive throughout the course. It was a journey and experience that has enriched my knowledge and deepened my understanding of yoga this in turn has enabled me to teach confidently with compassion for my students.

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews Graduate At Body Bliss Yoga In Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Wonderful Studio, Wonderful Classes, Highly recommend Body Bliss Academy

I completed my yoga journey at Body Bliss Yoga in Leigh on sea. After living in Leigh on Sea for a few years and attending classes at Body Bliss which I loved especially hot, the heat benefits the body and deepening of the practice I decided to complete my Teacher Training 500hr.

Tracey is a fantastic teacher and the course was excellent providing me with the skills required to teach safety and effectively. I now teach in Chelmsford where I live but miss Body Bliss. I love when my students say to me how they benefit from my classes and return week on week. I can only thank Body Bliss for this and helping me on this wonderful journey.

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