Meditation Class : Sundays at 8am

Scientific research has proven that meditation helps your memory, your mood, your well-being and your health. Relaxation through meditation will give you the tools you need to create your personal meditation practice.

Meditation slows breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.  As a relaxation tool alone, it is a very effective method to combat stress, anxiety and depression.  Meditation also provides an opportunity to connect with your true self, your spiritual purpose and what is known as the universal knowledge. It is common to experience great insights or think of a solution to a problem – without even trying.  The benefits of meditation are multi-pronged. It helps the body, mind, emotion and spirit.


Our class every Sunday morning is a fantastic introduction to Meditation and is suitable for everyone.  Please bring anything to make you feel comfortable and leave the rest to us.

(Bolsters and blankets are available at the Studio)