Back Care Courses

Back Care

Back pain is one of the most common ailments plaguing adults today. Pilates is a great way to take back your quality of life and manage back, neck and shoulder pain. Managing your back with safe exercises will save money on regular visits to physiotherapists.


Back Care 4 Week Course

This course is designed specially for those people who have back, neck, shoulder or joint pain issues or need special attention when exercising. The exercises are carefully selected with a particular focus on Spinal and Pelvic stability. The programme is based on sound medical research with the goal of helping people manage back pain and strengthen the body. The course will be taken by a leading Physiotherapist, Charlotte Meredith who has lots of experience working with people who are recovering from injuries.

The course numbers are limited to 6 people to ensure that everyone gets individual attention. It is a progressive course that runs over 4 weeks, it starts with the basics and building on firm foundations allows clients to work a little slower and more carefully than in our regular classical Pilates classes.

By the end of the course participants should feel confident to move into the Beginners Pilates classes and will be able to adapt the exercises to suit them.


1-1 Private Sessions

Our 1-1 sessions will educate you about your body and help to build a stronger back and pain free posture. After just 1 session you will notice a difference in the structure and function of your body, after 10 those differences will become a habit, after 20 they will become a part of you. To book a private session with one of our highly qualified, experienced trainers email us at

If you haven’t had a clear diagnosis for your back, neck or joint problem then your first point of call is to make an appointment with Charlotte our Physiotherapist so that she can find the best route forward for you.