Hot Classes

Hot Yoga is Hatha Yoga practised in a heated room to 42 degrees. It is currently one of the world’s fastest growing styles of Yoga. The idea behind the heat is to simulate the sub-tropical hot climate of India, allowing a safe environment to increase flexibility, improve posture and achieve all over body conditioning, while healing injuries.

Hot Yoga is dynamic, inspiring and challenging. It provides you with a full body workout from the inside out, engaging every cell, tissue, muscle and ligament to improve both physical and mental strength. It balances stretching and flexibility whilst increasing heart rate to deliver a cardiovascular workout. While performing a specific posture (asana), the student stretches or compresses a certain part of the body, thus cutting off circulation temporarily making the heart pump more blood in reaction to the shortage. Once the asana is complete and the student comes out of the posture, it is claimed that the new oxygenated blood is able to rejuvenate the arteries that were being compressed. Many dancers and athletes enjoy Hot Yoga classes for their injury healing, emotion strengthening, toxin-flushing, weight managing and career extending effects.

At Body Bliss, our Hot Yoga classes are set at 42 degrees, our Hot Power Flow is practised at 35 degrees to allow for inversions and continuous movement.


Please see our class descriptions below:



Body Bliss Hot Strength

Hot Strength classes are typically practiced in heats of 30-38 degrees. Making this a cardiovascular workout burning up to 500 calories per class and gaining upper body toning and strength.  With Sun Salutations as a warm up, lots of side planks, downward facing dogs and press ups all combined with yoga postures, this class is exhilarating and leaves you feeling lean and toned.  Hot yoga with weights incorporates steady movements with arm and leg weights to build upper body and core strength alongside strengthening the body’s tissue.  The optional inclusion of free weights will fire up intensity, enhance toning and increase metabolism leaving you with a toned and sculptured body. Intermediate level only.


Hot Dynamic Flow
A strong, sweaty and flowing practice with music. This Body Bliss class will leave you uplifted, invigorated and energised. All levels, with some yoga experience useful.

Body Bliss Hot 26

Under our strength category is also Hot 26. A set series of demanding postures practised in a heated room to 42 degrees designed to increase flexibility, strength, stamina, detoxification and weight loss. Our instructors will guide you through each pose (asana), checking your alignment and posture to ensure you get the most out of every class with correct technique. All levels welcome but be prepared to sweat!


Hot Power Flow

Hot Power Flow – Wake up to Sunday

This dynamic, strength building and detoxifying class will reach up to 40°. Get ready to sweat! The class moves quickly into a dynamic range of movements and is suitable for those who have had previous yoga experience. This practice benefits the cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory, central nervous and endocrine systems working on core strength, flexibility, range of movement, improved balance. This class is wonderful compliment to other forms of exercise, it is highly recommended by and for other sports men and women, along with those who have a regular yoga practice.


Hot Beginners Class – Embrace the mind of the beginner

Experience the wonderful benefits of a yoga class in the heat up to 36° This class will take time to move through the asanas in a careful consistent manner, working into your own flexibility and range of movement. There will be a focus on alignment, strength, balance, co-ordination and breath. Hot yoga is extremely beneficial to the body in many ways. Flushing out impurities elevating the heart rate, warming the muscles allowing you to experience your practice on a deeper level. A hot yoga practice improves respiration, which in turn fuels the neurons throughout the body and leads to a greater focus of the mind. It is great for weight maintenance and toning the body.



Candlelit Vinyasa

This class is designed to help you with the smooth transition from the busy week into the weekend.

It starts from relaxation where we create breath awareness, build up the foundation of your breath and accept the heat of the room to support your practice all the way through. The sequences vary.  focusing on breath and self energy whilst targeting different areas of the body. You will flow from one posture to another with every movement lead by the breath. The studio and an atmosphere are hot so you can expect  to forget about your worries and prepare yourself to sweat, improve your practice and have fun!  It’s a dynamic, challenging session which will free your body and mind from tension and stress that has accumulated during the whole week.  Finishing with a Bliss  guided meditation and a vibration of the Ohm in the end.  Namaste

For these classes you will need to complete a health questionnaire form.